American Ultra (2015) – Amerikan MK ULTRA

Jay's Analysis

Twilight of the gods, maaaaaan.... “Things don’t mean what you think they mean.” -Mike

By: Jay Dyer

Pothead Stoners, CIA mind control experiments, supersoldiers, and that chick from Twilight – it’s either the worst idea ever, or a pretty wild ride.  I’m forced to say the latter on American Ultra, and it even warrants an analysis.  Now, the MK ULTRA aspect is the most obvious, but beyond that, what is the purpose of such a film being made?   Certainly the CIA are not portrayed in a purely positive light, but that is a trend we’ve seen since the 2003 propaganda recruitment film, The Recruit showed us how cute the Agency could be, despite the corruption.   Never forget – never forget 9/11, and never forget that after 9/11 and the recruitment ramp up, despite all the corruption, the gubmint will always weed out the “bad guys.”

So, while the film is almost really good, it…

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